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Orthodontics Clinic

Many philosophers and thinkers have expressed the view that perfection is created by paying attention to detail. At the same time, the greatest sculptor of the Renaissance, Michelangelo, added that “perfection itself is no longer a trifle.”

These words about perfection are very relevant for dentistry, because every little thing is important when prosthetic teeth, and the result is a perfect smile.

Installing braces, or why it's important to have a good smile

Today, travel to countries near and far abroad has become commonplace for many of our compatriots. Walking through the cities of the United States or Western Europe, you can see broadly smiling people. It is accepted here, because a smile helps to attract a person and achieve the desired result in negotiations, the desire to get a job and a number of other things.

Thus, a smile becomes an important factor in success. In fact, if a person cannot maintain the health of his teeth, put his appearance in order, will he be able to cope with more important things? Many will say no. That is why people in developed countries do not think about the cost of braces, because the beauty of a smile is much more important.

The obvious conclusion from the above will be the need for timely dental treatment. Even the need to install braces in this case no longer seems so scary, because a beautiful smile is one of the most important indicators of a person’s attractiveness. It allows you to settle down, make new acquaintances or start a long-term relationship. Often a beautiful smile can be the beginning of a successful career.

Fortunately, today healthy teeth are not a problem, because there are many hygienic means. But what to do with a bad bite, crooked teeth or other problems? There is a way out, even if you need a complete denture. But to learn more about this, you should answer the question: “orthodontist – what is it …”, often appears in search engines.

Orthodontist: Ceram-Dental Clinic gives beautiful smiles

If you need to whiten teeth or other manipulations, the person consults an orthodontist. But his work is not limited to the described procedures. Orthodontics is a major field in dentistry, which deals not only with the installation of braces, but also studies dental diseases that lead to abnormalities that lead to distortion of the smile, bite, improper tooth growth.

Pediatric dentistry is also involved in this process. A child is, first of all, a growing organism. It is very important to consult a doctor in time, who will help to form a beautiful smile for your baby. A timely visit to the orthodontist for children is an important step, because in the future it will help avoid many problems.

Thus, orthodontics is not just beautiful straight teeth, but a comprehensive approach to the treatment of various diseases, as well as the ability to replace damaged teeth and install implants. This is very important, because, according to statistics of visits to dentists, more than 90% of the population of our country has some problems in the form of improperly growing or abnormally located teeth.

A beautiful smile is available to everyone now. The network of dental clinics “Keram-Dental” is a cheap, fast and high-quality dental treatment. No need to be ashamed of your smile. Any pathology can be corrected thanks to the possibilities of modern medicine. And it doesn’t matter if it’s an adult or a child.

Of course, there is no single picture of treatment, because each case is individual. That is why it is necessary to assess the full picture of the necessary therapy from an experienced orthodontist, who will say whether you need dental implants or you can do with other treatments. Upon examination of the patient will be asked to choose a treatment option (if there are several). The doctor will also specify the timing of treatment and name the full cost of the entire course.

Dentistry: correction of the bite, or when to see a doctor

Often the main reason for turning to an orthodontist is an unaesthetic smile. Quite rarely, patients indicate the cause of functional discomfort of the bite or other problems. However, a much larger number of people need treatment than the percentage who seek help.

Yes, quite a few people in Kyiv are trying to install braces. Most often this is due to ignorance of the population about the importance of proper occlusion and proper movement of the jaws. Also, the average Ukrainian will not be able to answer the question of the need for proper distribution of the load on the dentition.

At the same time, solving this problem, the orthodontist pays great attention to the aesthetic condition of the teeth. It should be noted that the treatment can improve the facial features of the patient, depending on the correctness of the bite.

At what age is the best orthodontic treatment?

Many, having learned what an orthodontist does, wonder about age restrictions on the possibility of treatment. Fortunately, there are none. Regardless of age, you can seek help in solving problems. The doctor can advise a number of methods specific to a particular age, determine the effectiveness of treatment and make recommendations on certain issues.

Of course, early treatment is an ideal option in which a pediatric orthodontist can solve even the most difficult tasks with minimal effort and do everything necessary to correct defects, the direction of the facial profile in the right direction of formation.

In addition, by examining the child, the doctor can determine the possible development of structural abnormalities that have not yet manifested. He will eliminate them in the embryo and eliminate the need for surgery in adulthood.

With early treatment, you can minimize the financial costs of therapy. But for patients who could not receive treatment in childhood, there is an opportunity to make up for lost time right now. Today they have at their disposal the latest techniques of the entire dental industry, the possibilities of which are almost limitless. Anyone can put lingual braces in Kyiv, but it should be noted that dentistry is not only braces, but many other options for eliminating dental problems.

Bite correction techniques

Today, dentists have a number of opportunities that were not available until recently. Here are some of the most popular:

  1. Lingual braces are very popular because they are “invisible”.
  2. It should also be noted the effectiveness of ligature bracket systems, which include metal, sapphire and ceramic braces.
  3. It is often possible to use liners or transparent caps to correct the bite.
  4. Self-ligating braces are no less effective
  5. In addition, there are a number of other techniques. For example, records or trainers.

The possibility of using one or another technique is assessed after examination by a doctor who evaluates the effectiveness of their use.

Orthodontist in Kiev, when to go?

As practice shows, people with certain pathologies do not seek to make an appointment with an orthodontist. However, the need to visit him is not only the desire to put dentures. By collecting a medical history, a doctor can prevent the development of many diseases, write useful recommendations for oral care and prescribe treatment if the disease is already developing, but has not yet manifested itself.

The following describes the problems in which orthodontic therapy is necessary to eliminate them:

  1. Distal occlusion. Simply put, it is an inconvenience associated with the protrusion of the front teeth far forward in relation to the lower jaw.
  2. If the lower jaw protrudes in relation to the front teeth, you should also consult a doctor, as there is a mesial bite.
  3. Weak development of one side of the jaw in combination with a visible normal bite is a cross bite, which is also a pathology.
  4. The gap between the upper and lower teeth brings a person a lot of inconvenience and in medicine is called an open bite. Today, this problem can be easily fixed.
  5. Shifting the teeth to the side is very ugly, especially if it affects everyone in the top and bottom row. In dentistry, this pathology is familiar and is called dystopia.
  6. The dentition can be disturbed by gaps, unfilled places or finding some teeth in another plane, which causes inconvenience and discomfort.
  7. Sometimes there is a pathology in which the teeth are very close, which hurts a person, because in a normal bite this can not be.

If you see your problem in the description or just want to have healthy teeth and a beautiful smile, then contact us now and we will help solve all problems as soon as possible. Keram-Dental Clinic gives its patients beautiful smiles and confidence in life. You can get more detailed information by phone or by making an appointment.

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