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Dental Services


Orthodontics is a special section of dentistry that deals with the correction of defects in the development of teeth and dentition. If you have the bad bite or jagged teeth, this can be fixed by contacting our clinic! An experienced orthodontist will draw up a treatment plan and help to restore the beauty of a smile with the help of modern bracket systems or other designs to correct dentition defects.

Aesthetic Dentistry

Thanks to the advent of modern aesthetic dentistry, almost any cosmetic smile defects can be fixed. Incorrect tooth size, dark enamel, small chips and cracks – all this can be removed relatively quickly and efficiently. Even noticeable irregularities, such as a strong tilt of the teeth in or out, are subject to correction. After undergoing treatment, the patient will become the owner of an even and beautiful smile.

Orthopedic Dentistry

Orthopedic dentistry services in our clinic are aimed at restoring the functionality of the jaw with the loss of natural teeth. Even if there is a minor damage, is carried a dental erosion treatment, installation of crowns and fillings to preserve the tooth. If it is necessary to remove it, an orthopedic dentist of our clinic will help you choose the most suitable implant and install it instead of a natural organ.


Unfortunately, sometimes teeth have to be removed in order to save the rest of the dentition from damage or to avoid the development of complications. Dental extraction services are provided by surgical dentistry in our clinic, offering the removal of impacted and erupted wisdom teeth, baby teeth, as well as all kinds of neoplasms: cysts, tumors and others.

Therapeutic dentistry

At a routine examination or for the purpose of treatment, the first thing a patient gets to is a dentist-therapist. The doctor will examine the condition of the teeth and gums, if necessary, prescribe treatment or refer to a narrow specialist. Therapeutic dentistry provides conservative dentistry and the oral cavity generally without the need for surgical intervention.


The modern equipment available at our clinic allows you to make the most accurate diagnosis even in complex clinical cases. Doctors and patients are provided with the best X-ray machines, CT and MRI equipment, as well as many other diagnostic devices. The images even show hidden defects and damage to the jaw, which are completely invisible during examination. After passing the diagnostics, a diagnosis is made and treatment is prescribed.

Children’s dentistry

For small patients, our dentistry provides funny rooms with images of the heroes of your favorite cartoons and fairy tales, and experienced doctors will help to cope with any problems of deciduous or permanent teeth. Children’s dentists will remove staggering baby teeth, even out growing permanent ones, help correct malocclusion, remove black plaque and cure various diseases of the teeth or oral cavity generally.

Plasma therapy

A popular method for cellular rejuvenation and repair is to inject the patient’s platelet-rich plasma. A range of different applications of plasma therapy are available at our clinic, from dental to cosmetic.

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