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Our team

Irina Zhuk

Chief doctor. Founder of the Clinic

+38 093 110 110 4

⠀• Bogomolets National Medical University, 2010.
Specialization: Orthopedics, therapy

⠀ • Teeth whitening
⠀ • Working with a microscope
⠀ • Aesthetic restoration of all groups of teeth
⠀ • All types of prosthetics
⠀ • The use of computer technology in dentistry.
⠀ • Diagnosis of occlusion and bite.
⠀ • Current member of the Association of Dentists of Ukraine
⠀ • Trained in a number of clinics in Austria, Italy, Germany.

⠀ • Endo-zonal symposium, Kiev, 2011.
⠀ • Problem Solving in Direct Restoration Walter Diaz, 2011.
⠀ • The basics of posterior teeth restorations, Milan, 2013.
⠀ • Modeling the form of bite and lateral teeth, Radlinsky, 2014.
⠀ • Laser and home whitening, Kyiv, 2015.
⠀ • Diploma “International Dental Symposium”, 2016.
⠀ • Analysis of aesthetics. Form forecast. Computer smile design – Digital Smile Design /DSD. Kyiv, 2018
⠀ • Prosthetics on implants Straumann, Mis, Ankylos, Mega Gen.

Katerina Feshchenko

Dental hygienist

+38 073 570 5000

⠀• Rokitnovsky medical school, specialty “Dentistry”

⠀• Certificate “Hygienist in the field of dentistry” Fenestra, Kyiv, 2017;
⠀• Whitening «Beyond Power Whitening», 2019.

Oleg Melnik

Periodontist surgeon, implantologist. Full member of associations: ASU, UAP

+38 073 570 5000

⠀• Bogomolets National Medical University, 2014
⠀• Internship at NMAPE named after P. L. Shupyk, 2014-2016
⠀• Clinical residency at the Department of General Dentistry NMAPE named after. P. L. Shupyk 2016

⠀• Tooth-preserving surgeries (flap surgery, MIST)
⠀• Tooth extraction of any complexity
⠀• Dental implantation
⠀• Dental implantation using surgical templates
⠀• Bone augmentations (NKS, sinus lift)
⠀• Surgical operations under local and general anesthesia

• “First Congress of Dentists of Ukraine”, 2014;
• “Modern strategies for the prevention and treatment of dental diseases: world experience and development prospects”, 2014;
• “Implantation and bone grafting” Sobolevsky V.E., 2014;
• “Hygiene as an integral part of modern dental practice” Ugrin O.M., 2014;
• “Prosthetics on implants” Krasnozhon A.A., 2015;
• “Poltava Dental Forum”, 2015;
• “3rd National Dental Congress”, 2015;
• “Elimination of intraosseous defects using guided tissue and bone regeneration” Pf. Carlo Tinti
• “Full ceramic restorations”, Yuri Gundyak, 2015;
• “The basics of posterior teeth restotations” Roman Popov, 2016;
• “Basic course on implantation” Glushko Nazar, 2016;
• ” The Art of Dental Photography. Digital Smile Design – virtual smile modeling” Kozhemyak Oleksandr, 2016;
• “Perio, Endo, Resto: an interdisciplinary approach to the treatment of the most common dental diseases”, 2016;
• “Implantology – basic course: simple about complex and difficult about simple” Shilenko D.R.
• ”Sinus lifting” Ievhen Babov, 2016;
• “Implantation for mandibular atrophy” Kwang-Bum Park, 2017;
• “Modern Periodontology and Implantology”,  Prof. Niklaus Lang, 2018;
• “Mucogingival surgery” Dino Calzavara, 2019;

Alexander Glushchenko

Dental surgeon

+38 073 570 5000

Bogomolets National Medical University (2010)

⠀• Soft tissue modeling to increase bone volume. Kiev City
⠀• Orthognathic surgery with prof. Carl Kanberg., Kiev 2016
⠀• Cone tomography, 2013.
⠀• Soft tissue management in dental implantology, Vienna 2014.
⠀• Maxillofacial surgery, 2015, venestra
⠀• Standard and atypical tooth extraction, Fenestra, 2011.
⠀• Navigation surgery, Kiev
⠀• He practiced at the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery at the Department of Surgical Dentistry NMU named after A.A. Bogomolets.
⠀• Trained in a dental clinic. Austria (Vienna)

Daria Fominykh

+38 073 570 5000

⠀• “Dnepropetrovsk Basic Medical College” specialty Nurse.
⠀• School of Cosmetology Dr. Trout qualification: Cosmetologist-esthetician, 2018
Course Injection correction of age-related changes in the face and body: Mesotherapy and Biorevitalization

⠀• Сourse Non-invasive carboxytherapy, 2018
⠀• Certificate “Correction of the shape and volume of the lips, complex rejuvenation with fillers”, 2019
⠀• Certificate “Medical Course”, 2018:

  • Dermatocosmetology
  • Anatomy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Sanitary hygiene
  • Urgent care in cosmetology.

• Certificate “Non-injection Mesotherapy”, 2018
• Specialist certificate “On the use of Plasmolifting technology in cosmetology”, 2018
• Certificate “Plasmotherapy. The method of using autologous blood in the daily practice of a dental hygienist”, 2019
• Certificate “Application of the Plasmolifting technique in solving cosmetic problems in dentistry”, 2020
• Certificate on the topic: “Platelet-rich plasma in dentistry”, 2020
• Certificate “Assessment of the patient’s hygienic status and selection of personal oral hygiene products”, 2019
• Certificate “Home teeth whitening”, 2020
• Certificate “Professional oral hygiene using modern technologies”, 2020

Yulia Kolomeychuk


+38 073 570 5000

⠀• Bogomolets National Medical University, 2016
⠀• Specialization at NMAPO named after P. L. Shupyk. The doctor is a specialist in the specialty, orthodontics, orthodontist.

⠀• Typodont. Direct arc apparatus, its structural elements, features of their use in orthodontic treatment. Methods and techniques for fixing a fixed device of a direct arc in the oral cavity. Associated intra- and extra-oral devices, 2019
⠀• Typodont. Treatment II class Engle. Dentoalveolar compensation of distal occlusion in patients with the extraction of the first premolars in the upper jaw and the second in the lower. Mechanics of treatment with a straight wire device, 2019
⠀• Practical course. Features of robots with orthodontic arches, 2019
⠀• Member of the congress. Orthodontic aspects of child health, 2019
⠀• Online course. Simplified mechanics and digital orthodontics, 2019
⠀• Lecture and practical course. Orthodontic treatment with removable appliances, 2019
⠀• Participant of the III International Orthodontic Congress and X Congress of the Association of Ukraine, 2019
⠀• Training course. Self-ligating bracket systems, 2019
⠀• Lecture course. Invisual Training Course, 2020
⠀• Speaker at the International Conference of Young Orthodontists, 2020.
⠀• Participant of the practical course. Microimplants in orthodontics, 2020
⠀• Participant of the practical-lecture course. Treatment of class II pathologies Twin blocks Clark, Forsus and others, 2020
⠀• Master class. Fundamentals of fixed orthodontic technique, 2020

Viktor Melnik

Therapist, orthopedist

+38 073 570 5000

Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy (UMSA), 2012
UMSA 2012–2014.
General dentist

• Professional teeth cleaning
• Treatment and prevention of caries
• Direct and indirect restoration of teeth
• treatment of root canals of teeth
• Prosthetics with removable and non-removable structures
• prosthetics on implants
• Aesthetic smile correction with ceramic and zirconium crowns, veneers.

• “Technique of work with rubber dam. Restoration of front teeth”. Training center “Apollonia”, Poltava , 2013
•  “Indirect restoration. From macro to micro”. Coach: Nazariy Mikhailyuk, Vinnytsia, 2014
• “Modern approach to endodontics”. Coach: Geranin Stanislav, Kyiv, 2015
• “Step-by-step orthopedic protocol of prosthetics on dental implants using different types of fixation”. Coach: Unknown Maria, Kyiv, 2016
• “Modern orthopedic dentistry”. Training center “Fenestra”. Kyiv, 2017
• “Professional development of a dentist: recommendations, innovations and practical experience”. NMAPO named after P.L.Shupyk, Kyiv. 2018
•”Ceramic onlays. Features of preparation”. Coach: Maxim Belograd, Kyiv, 2020
• “Start working through a microscope. Endodontics: basic principles. Simulation training.” Coach: Vasily Karashchuk, Kyiv, 2021
• “Porcelain veneers from A to Z”. Center of dentistry “Stom Academy”. Video course by trainer: Ajay Juneja. Moscow, 2019
• “Modern protocols in orthopedic dentistry”. Coach: Yaroslav Melnik, Kyiv, 2020
• “Full course on preparation for veneers. All designs.” Speaker: Maxim Belograd, Kyiv, 2021
• “Orthopedic dentistry. EMAX veneers and onlays”. Training center “Fenestra”, Kyiv, 2019
•  “Rehabilitation of edentulous jaws with the help of 4 implants”. Lecturer: Nazar Glushko, Kyiv, 2021
• “An effective protocol for the fixation of ceramic veneers”. Lecturer: Vitaly Naumov, Kyiv, 2021

Valentina Rudenko

Therapist, endodontics under a microscope, orthopedist

+38 073 570 5000

National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, 2017
Internship FPO Khmelnytsky 2017-2019

• Aesthetic photocomposite restorations of any complexity for all groups of teeth
•Endodontic treatment under the microscope
•Prosthetics using 3D scanning of teeth
•Children’s reception

• “Interdisciplinary approach in dentistry” Lecturers – Borchenko N.A., Zakalata T.R., Prisyazhnyuk K.P., Ganchuk V.V. JV “ProMed”, 2016
• “Direct restorations of the anterior and posterior groups of teeth” Lecturers – A. Fecich and Zsolt Dobrentey, 2017
• “The use of coferdam in dental practice” Training Center “Fenestra”, 2020.
• G+T course. Hygiene and teeth whitening in dental practice. Training center “Fenestra”, 2020
• “Artistic restoration of anterior and posterior teeth” DSpace Training Center, 2021
• “Training (M). Orthopedic dentistry: metal ceramics, metal-free ceramics, veneers, inlays.» Training center “Fenestra”, 2021
• “Intraoral scanning TRIOS. Digital protocol for occlusion analysis. Templates + temporary constructions. 3Shape Academy, 2021
• “Primary endodontics under the microscope” Lecturer – Vitaly Spring, 2021
• “Technical aspects of channel listing” Lecturer – Igor Noenko, 2021
• “EndoPower” Features of root canal treatment. Secondary endo.” Lecturer – Vladimir Fedak, 2021

Alexander Kirilenko

Surgeon - implantologist

+38 073 570 5000

• Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy, Poltava, 2011
Specialization: dentistry, qualification dentist.

• Internship: NMU A.A. Bogomolets, 2013
Specialty: “dentistry” qualification doctor-specialist

• National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after P.L. Shupika, 2013
Specialization: “Surgeon-stomatologist”

• Ukrainian Military Medical Academy, 2018
Specialization: “Surgeon-stomatologist” II Category

• atraumatic extraction of teeth of any complexity;
• Immediate and delayed implantation, navigational surgery;
• total rehabilitation with immediate loading of implants;
• directed bone regeneration;
• sinus lifting: open and closed;
• soft tissue operations;
• clinical lengthening of the tooth crown.

• “V International Implant Congress”, 2013
• Surgical master class “Open and closed sinus lift. Implantation and closed sinus lift” lecturer: Marton Yakubovich, 2015
• Basic theoretical and practical course in implantology U-impl, 2015
• “Surgical and orthopedic aspects of work with the Bicon system”, 2015
• “Implantation in an aesthetically significant area” David Farronato, 2015
• “Implantation and bone grafting” Nazar Glushko, 2016
• “Total implantation and loading” V. Sobolevsky, 2016
• “Complications of implant treatment” Yu. Obukhivsky, A. Krasnozhon, V. Sobolevsky, 2016
• “Sinus lifting from A to Z” V. Kaminsky, 2017
• Day of Practical Periodontology. Periodontal surgery” Yu. Obukhivsky, K. Ryzhuk, Yu. Gorishnyk, A. Dubnov, A. Guk, 2017
• Sinus lifting” Samuel Lee, 2017
• “Bioactivation of bone tissue. Success Secrets of Bone Augmentation” by Rolf Evers, 2017
• Life Changing Dentistry by Miguel Stanley, 2017
• “Straumann forum 2017″ A. Puisys, G. Kobs, U. Belser, 2017
• “Sinus lifting. Immediate loading.” Tiziano Testori, 2017
• “Modern Periodontology and Implantology” Prof. Niklaus Lang, 2018
• Module 1 “Modeling of soft fabrics to increase the volume of the brush” M. Steigmann, 2018
• “Functional and aesthetic views of the clinical crown” Natalia Verina, 2018
• “Perioplastic Surgery of Soft Tissues” by Gerardo Jose Chacon Ramirez, 2018
• “Perioplastic surgery with non-gainous implantation” Gerardo Jose Chacon Ramirez, 2018
• “Module 2 – For the Aedtetic Zone. Module 3 – Prosthetic Soft Tissue Development” Marius Steigmann, 2019
• Urban International Hard and Soft Tissue Regeneration Symposium, 2019
• “Guided bone regeneration” Ramon Gomez Meda, 2019
• “Soft Tissue Management. Module 4 – Complications and Full Arch Restoration. Module 5a- For Vertical Augmentation” Marius Steigmann, 2019
• “Transsinusal and pterygoid implantation” A. Dobritsky, V. Sheleg, 2021

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